A special offer for unprecedented times

Hi friends. I just want to thank you AGAIN for being such amazing clients and let you know you are a huge source of joy in my life.


Things are crazy right now, right? Lots of uncertainty and feelings of being overwhelmed- I get it.


I’m choosing to be hopeful in all of this. Hopeful for preserving lives, hopeful for a vaccine, hopeful for medications that will treat people who get Covid-19, hopeful we are all learning (again) how sweet it is when we look out for each other, and hopeful you and your family suffer no long term consequences from everything going on around us right now. 


And, I’m also hopeful we are going to see things return to normal sooner rather than later.

I’ll be completely honest. For those of us who own small businesses (and that’s a HUGE chunk of the population), things are getting dicey. I’m not gonna lie. I’ve had cancellations, postponed events, and a very steep drop-off in the number of inquiries for sessions. And understandably so.

I know we are all watching our financial situations closely right now. So, I’m hoping we can help each other out.

From now until April 12, all virtual gift certificates are on sale.  Each virtual gift certificate will be discounted by 50% at checkout. All you need to do is type in the code BETTERDAYS20 so the discount is calculated BEFORE you pay. You can click here to purchase

When you click on the link,  scroll down, click on the “buy” option at the top of the photo icon, or if you open the photo, then click “buy” at the bottom. This will lead you to the three different

Mix and match, buy one or as many as you like. There are no minimum purchase requirements and no limit to the number of certificates you can buy.

Once you’ve purchased your gift certificates, you will receive a receipt via email.  In the future when you are ready to book your session, simply reply to that email so we can begin the booking process.

Thank you so much for being such incredible people. I can honestly say one of the very best parts of my job is being able to work with you and for you.

God bless!! Y’all take care of each other. It’s all gonna be okay. 🙂

OH!! And here is a link to my price list so if you decide to purchase, you can determine how much to invest (thank you to my friend LuRae for pointing out to me how vital this information is! It takes a village to keep me on track, y’all!!)