Who’s that model? AKA, my senior session with Catherine C.

A few weeks back, I received an email referral from my longtime friend and colleague, Chris Smith of www.chrisandcamiphotography.com Now if I’ve searched “Charleston Photographers” before, there is no doubt in mind you’ve run across Chris’s work before- he sets the bar high around here. So to get a referral from him for a senior session was a high compliment for sure!

Of course, I followed up! And just a few short days later after all the arrangements had been made, I was standing in front of one of the most calm, cool, collected, statuesque senior girls I’ve ever had the privilege of working with.

Meet Catherine C.

Seriously, did I mention STATUESQUE? And super fun, confident, and open to any idea I had.

I mean truly open. Those are the BEST sessions ever…when a client looks at me and says- “You know what you’re doing. I trust you”- there is no better feeling or freedom one can give a photographer! So, I ran with it. From bubbles, to daisies, to backlights held by her sister Caroline, we tried to cover as much of Charleston as we possibly could. Variety, options, all the things I love to deliver to a client…my team mate Catherine and I got it done!

(That’s Caroline standing behind Catherine with a strobe light! Ah! The joys of body blocking!)

Senior sessions make me want to dance!! And when I get to work with a super fun, classy, AMAZING senior like Catherine…wow.

PS- Catherine’s mom was along for the session, too. She was FABULOUS and very helpful. Stray hair? Clothing out of order? Not a problem- Marie was watching out for all the pesky details that can ruin a photo. I kinda want to hire her!

I gotta sneak one more in….because it just makes me smile!