The Results Are In!!

Well….I did something this year I have not ever done before.

I entered the Shoot and Share photo contest, and I am pleased to say of the fifty images I submitted, 16 were given awards! Not bad, eh?

Shoot and Share is an online source for professional photographers, and I’ve consulted it many times in the past to help me with a variety of things that come with being a professional photographer. The photo contest itself is a yearly event sponsored by the site and a variety of other companies that cater to the needs of professional photographers.  Instead of images being judged by a select group of photographers, they are voted on by the public. Anyone can enter, and anyone can vote.

Last year, there were nearly 600,000 images submitted by over 100,000 representing 160 countries. The total number of votes was over 1 million!  I haven’t seen the full breakdown for this year’s contest, but just from the few numbers I did see, the total numbers will be about the same or higher.

I had two images place in the top 10% of their categories, four in the top 20%, and ten in the top 30%. I’m pretty pumped about that, especially since none of those categories had less than 25,ooo images. In fact, most had over 35,ooo. So yeah, I’ll take it. 🙂

I thought I would share the images here and say a very loud THANK YOU to my clients!! Obviously, YOU are the ones who make it possible for me to continue to do what I love so much. I am deeply appreciative of you all, and am constantly humbled by your support, encouragement, and enthusiasm over the work I do. And, I’m thankful for how very photogenic you all are ;).

So, without making you wait any longer…here are my winning images!


Top 10%- Seniors and Teens (Catherine)



Top 10%- Seniors and Teens (Kristal)


Top 20%- Styled Shoots/Fashion


Top 20%- People Portraits (Justice)


Top 20% – Pets and Animals
(JennaLee Designer Doodles)


Top 20%- People Portraits


Top 30%- People Portraits (Noel)



Top 30%- People Portraits
(Shayla and Ni’Lah




Top 30%- Families
(LeClerc Family)


Top 30% (Round 9)- Couples and Engagement
(Pamela and Kyle)



Top 30% (Round 10)- Couples and Engagement
(Pamela and Kyle)


Top 30%- Seniors and Teens


Top 30%- Seniors and Teens


Top 30%- Seniors and Teens


Top 30%- Babies/Toddlers (3mos-3 years)
(Sadie and Sully)


Top 30%- Pets and Animals