I ghosted my own website…

I’m baaaaaacckkk!!  Did you miss me?

Shameless iphone selfie



Actually, I never went anywhere. But if you visited my website back in October of 2018 and then visited again last week, you probably noticed NOTHING CHANGED. Which could lead one to believe my business is no longer a business; or I’m out of the country; or I’ve built one of those super cool off-the-grid type homes; or worse…(you fill in the blank). None of those things are true.

But things did get a little overwhelming, a little out of control, and a little chaotic. Welcome to my normal.

And when that happens, it becomes very easy to completely neglect the website you so desperately wanted and needed and swore to maintain and use. I mean, we’ve all been there, right?  Or, is it just me??

Either way, I’m sure you understand. While I’ve been totally ignoring my website and SEO and all that technical jazz, I have been shooting, and shooting, and shooting some more! I’ve been very busy. In fact, last year I shot more exposures than any year prior! And while that’s great for business, it’s also given me a very clear idea of where my personal and professional boundaries are. Which, as it turns out, is also great for business.

The effort to renovate and rejuvenate all things connected with Susan Lloyd Photography has begun! So, let’s start with the “nerve center” of the business…my online presence, my website.

I’m excited about some of the new additions to the site and if you click all the links below, I’ll take you on a little tour.

  1. “Client Galleries” takes you straight to the gallery site where all the photos from each session can be viewed by clients using their passwords.
  2. Finally!! Here is a “Families and Children” portfolio to give you an idea of what photos from my family sessions are like.
  3. The “High School Seniors” portfolio has been updated, and very soon there will be a “College Seniors” portfolio added as well.
  4. For those of you who followed along while I was shooting Clemson football games last season, there is a new “Clemson Football ” portfolio. The images there are just a small fraction of what I have archived, so more than likely the contents of that portfolio will be changed out from time to time. Oh, and there will be a journal entry coming soon about what an adventure the 2019 season was!
  5. “Portraits” has now been expanded to include head shots. I have really enjoyed shooting professional head shots and love being able to offer that service.
  6. The current “Weddings and engagement” gallery will soon be changed to “Couples, Engagements, and Bridal Portraits” but more on that later.
  7. And…I hereby pledge to post something in my journal at least once a week!! And ta-da!! You are reading my first post in a long time right now.

In addition to revamping all the galleries, I’m looking into adding an interactive appointment book, behind-the-scenes videos of sessions in progression, and even video tutorials that will explore everything from basic photography skills to learning more about the creative process.

Have no fear! With each new update and change, I’ll post a new journal entry and make sure to link on my social media platforms so you can keep up. Because, I’m sure right now in this very moment you are hanging on the each of your seat and cannot wait to see what happens next! Right? Right. 😉

Thanks for being the best clients in the world; thanks for your patience and support; and thanks for taking time out of your day to hop over here and indulge me for a moment. You da best!