Focus on: Seniors- Part 2: The Girls

I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I had such a great teenage experience or that I see the real potential in every girl entering her senior year, but I truly love working with senior high girls!  I’ve had this connection with this age group for some time. Now, I know some adults are terrified of teens, but not me! There are days when it’s hard to convince myself I’m not eighteen anymore.  So, of course it makes perfect sense that one of my favorite sessions to shoot is one that involves a high school girl just stepping into one of the most poignant  years of her life.  It’s my goal in these sessions to really show a young woman’s personality, her unique and inherent beauty, and showcase the things that really make her special.  Hang on…let’s put an underline on unique and inherent beauty.    I believe each girl who steps in front of my lens is beautiful, really beautiful. It’s my job to capture that beauty and to show each of these young women exactly how incredible they really are.

And let’s clear up a little confusion while I’m thinking about it.  High school seniors may be obligated to get senior portraits done at a local studio so their image will be included in the yearbook.  I totally get that.  And, although it may seem redundant to have two sessions, trust me, it’s not.  The session a client has with me will be a far different experience. And the resulting images are for that particular student, not her yearbook.

Because I have the freedom to create a session apart from yearbook specifications, I do all I can to avoid treating all of these students the same way.  To me, it’s so important not to minimize their experience by running them through it like so many dolls on a conveyor belt. Each session is thought about, talked about with the client, and designed in such a way that every girl feels the photos she receives from me are truly one of a kind. Quite honestly, if I catch myself “phoning it in”, I’m not only selling my client short, I’m disappointing myself.

If you are ready to book a session with me or are just curious as to what the entire process looks like, hit me up on my contact page, Facebook page, or even send me a DM on my instagram.  It’s your senior year!  Make the most of it and take that opportunity to get once in a lifetime photos you’ll love for decades.  Here are some of my favorites from the past couple of years…


Katie- 2018 Graduate of School of the Arts. Location- Folly Beach


Kaylee- 2017 Graduate of First Baptist High School Location- Black Bottom Stables


Brynnan- 2018 Graduate of School of the Arts Location- Hampton Park


Elaina- 2018 Graduate of Northwood Christian Academy Location- Brittlebank Park



Maycin- upcoming 2019 Graduate of Northwood Academy Location- Marion Square


Caroline- 2018 Graduate of The School of the Arts Location- her home



Grace- upcoming 2019 Graduate of Northwood Academy Location- King Street


Kristal- 2017 Graduate of Charleston Math and Science Location- The Dewberry Inn


Olivia- upcoming 2019 Graduate of Summerville High School Location- East Bay Street


Hunter- 2018 Graduate of School of the Arts Location- Johns Island


Joanna- 2018 Graduate of Wade Hampton High School Location- Falls Park, Greenville, SC


Morgan- 2018 Graduate of The School of the Arts Location- Colonial Lake


Taylor- 2018 Graduate of The School of the Arts Location- Gala Desserts


Breona- upcoming 2019 Graduate of West Ashley High School Location- Blue Bicycle Books