Focus on: Senior portraits- Special edition

I’m going to deviate slightly from my original “Senior Portrait Series” plan and give you a special “travel” edition instead of one on senior girls (that will come later- promise!)  Because I had the opportunity to travel to Colorado to shoot senior photos for the son of my good friend Gigi, I HAD to include this event in my website journal.  I mean, it’s not every day I get to travel across the country to a state I’ve never visited for the sole purpose of shooting senior portraits!  Okay, maybe it wasn’t the SOLE purpose of my trip- I got to catch up with my friend, see the US Air Force Academy, visit The Garden of the Gods, and shoot at of the coolest geological landmarks in our country (well, besides the Garden of the Gods!)

Before I highlight the senior photos I was able to capture of Matthew, I give you the interior of the Chapel at The USAF Academy:

Holy moly- if you love God, the military, and mid- century modern architecture, this place is a slice of heaven on earth. Truly, it is breathtaking, and I am so glad Gigi wanted me to see it!

Here’s a shot of the exterior- also breathtaking!  I love these clean lines (y’all know I’m all about some mid century modern everything, ESPECIALLY architecture)

Gigi told me this chapel stays booked for weddings, especially in the months following graduation. I can totally see why! Here’s my shameless plug- I’ll HAPPILY shoot a wedding here if anyone is interested in flying me out!!


We went from what man has constructed to what God has constructed here on this earth.  These awesome geological monuments are jaw- dropping, and this park is free to visit!  I highly advise you go there if you happen to be in the Colorado Springs area anytime soon.  For more info, check out this website:

Those Colorado skies are just stunning against these beautiful formations.



At the end of my first full day with Gigi, we took her son Matthew to the baseball field of his high school in Falcon, Colorado.  Matthew is a starter for the varsity baseball team, so it’s only natural that he would want some images of him at his “second home”.  I’m pretty sure Gigi and her husband Jim have spent hundreds of hours watching their boys play ball, so it was really fun to be able to document this big part of Matthew’s life!

This ranks right up there with my most favorite senior photos!! At the end of our session, the light was right where I wanted it to be in order to use off camera lighting and get a good, contrasty look. I asked Matthew to wear his graduation robe and run towards first. I hit four frames while he was running and came away with this one as the prize. He looks like a super hero!


On day two, we had some time to chill at the house before we headed out to the Paint Mines for an evening shoot.  I never knew a place like this existed, but Gigi had done her location homework and knew she wanted photos of Matthew in a place that was unique to Colorado.  If you want to learn more about the Paint Mines and the theories behind how they formed here, check out this website:





These last two images are all about Matthew’s personality. He is quite a ham, and he kept us laughing throughout both parts of his session.

It was a total blast to be able to travel to Colorado and take photos of such an awesome kid in such inspiring locations.  I will always be thankful to Gigi for making the arrangements for me to head out west, meet Matthew, and take photos of him that I hope he and his family will treasure for decades.  If I haven’t mentioned it before, I cannot imagine doing any other job on the planet.  I love what I do, and I love the people I get to serve!