Q: So, tell us a little about yourself- what do you love? Hate? What keeps you up at night? How
do you like your coffee?

A: Well, I love people, I love to laugh and have fun (I mean, if it’s not fun, why even bother?). I
LOVE animals- no dog in my range of vision will go ignored, and I have an ever-evolving flock of
backyard chickens. There really aren’t too many things I hate, like, really hate. Life is too short
for hate. And what keeps me up at night? My dogs. Coffee? I drink it. All of it.

Q: Why photography?

A: There are so many reasons why photography. The art of it, the challenge of it; the
opportunity it gives me to connect with so many people; the beauty of light and being able to
manipulate it to tell a story; the cool gear; the occasional foray into a photo pit of a sold out
show; the chance to show someone how incredibly beautiful they are; the chance to serve
someone and serve them well; etc, etc, etc

Q: So, are you a real photographer or just someone with a really great camera?

A: Okay, so I lied. I found something I hate. I hate when my camera gets the credit for the
photos I create! Not really…well, sort of. The truth is, I do have a great camera. And great
lenses, and really great lighting equipment. But those things don’t operate themselves. It takes
skill, education, and experience to handle those things and get consistent results. And although
I am self taught, I have no problem saying I’m a real photographer. And the photos you see on
my website? With a few exceptions, those are real people in real situations- nothing staged, no
paid models. Real photographer, real people, real life.

Q: Sounds like you are super confident. Are you?

A: HAHAHAHA! Not always. Not even close!! But I love what I do. I’m confident I can get the
job done and do it well. I’m confident I will enjoy the experience of the session and so will my
client- again, if it’s not fun, why bother? And I’m confident I will continue learning as much as I
possibly can about this amazing craft of photography.

Q: Any fun facts about you?

A: I love all things mid-century modern- Mad Men is my go-to binge watching experience
every.single.time. I once was a queen…no lie, I was Miss Golden Strip about a million years
ago. And no, that has nothing to do with stripping. I have three kids and one husband….and I
love them all the pieces. And I am addicted to thrift stores and estate sales…that addiction feeds
my afore-mentioned love of all things mid-century modern. AND….I have the coolest vintage
camper ever. Hang out with me for any time at all and I’m sure I’ll mention these things more
than one time.